Friday, October 24, 2008

BigWorm/DaddyWorm Campaign Stop Featuring SIXTH DISTRICT!!!

Hello fellow Worm Liberation Organization and Worm Liberation Party supporters. We'd just like to let all of you know how excited we are to have the mega popular SIXTH DISTRICT headlining our campaign stop tomorrow in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Since their breakout dance hit "Flip the Beach House Lawnmower" in 1997 Sixth District has been one of the most prolific electro/pop/death metal hybrid boy bands out there. They've been outspoken supporters of WormCo and the WLO/WLP for a long time and we're just grateful that they've decided to headline for the BigWorm/DaddyWorm World Domination campaign. It's even rumored that their song "Red on the Head, Skateboard Shred" was loosely based on their experiences with DaddyWorm in the early 90s prior to the formation of Sixth District.

Who knows, maybe Big Worm or Daddy Worm might even hop up to lay down some funky rhymes to inspire all of you to "Worm the Vote". And don't forget to dig your dirt tonight so that you get your free "BigWorm/DaddyWorm - Sixth District - UP IN YO MAMMA'S FACE!" signature t-shirt. We feel this campaign slogan will speak not only to our supporters, but also their loving mothers.

As agreed with Sixth District, we'd like to also allow them to promote their 6th studio album coming out on November 4th, titled "Sixth on 6th, Terrorizing Microphones/Exploding Panties" They'll be playing the first single from "Sixth on 6th" at our rally tomorrow - "Don't Swallow the Worm - Vote and/or Die" dedicated to BigWorm/DaddyWorm's historic run to the White House.

And don't forget to Vote and/or Die!

Up From the Underground!!