Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WormCo's Stance on US Healthcare

Hello folks. Normally we here at WormCo don't weigh in too heavily on political issues, but this one is really important to us. We already offer a great health care option at WormCo for all of our employees and worms, but the time has come for us to take a stance on this issue.

To us, This picture above completely sums up the debate on health care in the United States. Take a good long look at this picture.

To some, they will see two deadly predators - joined together to enact some sort of devious plan on us all. And wait, what is that - an explosion to boot? This must be bad. We hate it.

To others, they see two majestic creatures, joining forces at last to wreak awesomeness all over the world. They have caused an explosion of excellence to wash over all of us to last for centuries to come. We love it....

For us, health care is the explosion. The shark is our collective apprehension to change, and the gorilla represents a town hall meeting. Let's imagine a manatee off in the distance, gazing upon this awesomeness - and thinking to himself (or herself) 'Wow, that is awesome. how can I get me some of that?' And off in another direction, you would have a cheetah, thinking 'if shark and gorilla can get along, why can't we all?' The manatee and the cheetah are us my friends.... think about it... just .....think about it.