Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New WormCo Partner Marketing Agreement Reached with Gatorade

In furthering our WormCo resurrection initiative, we have partnered with Gatorade for their innovative SuperBowl XLII commercial. The feedback on this ad has people saying things like "this must be some kind of inside joke." Well loyal WormCo followers, the joke is on the over 95 million viewers who just got served up with a healthy helping of subliminal advertising from WormCo.

Check out our signature "WormCo Sound" at the 29 second mark of the ad posted above! Luckily for us, Gatorade footed the $3.2 Million for the ad space. WormCo's commitment in the co-marketing agreement was to keep employees in our heartworm division from visiting Rocky (the star of the commercial) for the remainder of his life. A win-win for everyone involved!

Up from the underground!!!